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Spring Refresh Ideas For Your Home

After being cooped up in indoors all winter, spring is the perfect time to begin re-imagining your home and making upgrades that create a fresh, yet fabulous vibe.

These project ideas can help breathe fresh energy into your home so you’re on your way to living your best life- and home to the fullest.

Air it out

Months of closed windows and doors leave the rooms in your home feeling extra stuffy. While the temperature warms up, open your windows and skylights to let the fresh air in.

It’s a perfect time to launder window treatments and clean area rugs. After a few passes with a carpet cleaner, allow rugs to air-dry outdoors.

If you’re considering an update to the overall decor, changing out these textiles is a simple and affordable way to create a new look.

Shift your outlook

When considering changes to a your home aesthetic, most people focus on the floor, walls and elements like furniture and appliances, but there’s a whole other space waiting to be discovered.

We often forget about it but the ceiling, a fifth wall of sorts, opens endless creative design opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for more natural light, access to fresh air, a sense of spaciousness or a way to bring sophistication to a room, a skylight may be the solution.

For example, consider room-darkening and light-filtering blinds to add a splash of color just where you least expect it, and they’re efficient in shielding your space from the sun.

Paint to perfection

Over time, once cheerful walls can become dull. Create a more cheerful ambiance with a fresh coat of paint, either in the same shade or something completely new.

If you’re not sure exactly where to start, tackle the project room by room.

To choose the right hue for you Spring home refresh, select a favorite item in the room, such as an heirloom throw blanket or a piece of wall art, and consider color shades that complement the item well.

Make what’s old new again

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