Calibrate COS-965AG Cooktop Burners

  1. Read all instructions carefully before beginning.
  2. Light two other burners and turn the control knob to medium. This will ensure the burner’s flame does not extinguish when other burners are turned on.
  3. Light the burner needing calibration and turn the control knob to the lowest setting.
  4. Remove the control knob.
  5. Insert a small, flat-head screwdriver into the adjustment screw or control knob valve stem, and slowly turn the screw until the flame appearance is correct.
    1. Open the valve more (counter-clockwise) if the flames are too small or fluttered, or the flame extinguishes entirely.
    2. Close the valve more (clockwise) if the flames are too large.
  6. Replace the control knob.
  7. Test the flame by turning the control from “LO” to “HI,” checking the flame at each setting.
  8. Repeat the above steps for each burner. 
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