COS-668A750 Controls Troubleshooting

  1. The controls are not responding, only respond sometimes, or are responding but will not turn on the fan or lights.
    1. Check that the unit is plugged in and that the outlet has been tested for a 120V, 60Hz power source.
    2. Check that the circuit breaker powering the hood is switched ON. Reset the circuit breaker to test.
    3. Check for a loose connection behind the control panel:
      1. Unplug the unit.
      2. Remove the baffle filters and set them aside.
      3. For glass canopy units:
        1. Remove the four screws and washers on top of the glass canopy and set them aside.
        2. Carefully slide the glass canopy off of the unit.
        3. Locate the control wiring directly behind the control panel.
        4. Unplug the controls and wait 5 minutes.
        5. Reconnect the control panel.
        6. Replace the glass canopy and the 4 screws + washers.
      4. For all-stainless and under-cabinet units:
        1. Unplug and remove the lights by disconnecting their power cord and pushing from behind.
        2. Locate and remove the screws found behind the panel housing the lights. Set these aside.
        3. Remove the lighting panel.
        4. Locate the control wiring directly behind the control panel.
        5. Unplug the controls and wait 5 minutes.
        6. Reconnect the control panel.
        7. Reinstall the lighting panel, screws, and lights.
      5. Plug the unit back in. 
    4. Check the wiring harness for loose or damaged wires:
      1. Unplug the unit.
      2. Inspect the wiring between the control panel and the circuit board and ensure they are connected securely.
      3. Reconnect any loose wires or connections and repair any broken wires.
      4. Repairing any wiring problems may fix the lights and/or the fan motor if the broken or disconnected wire(s) are connected to the lights and/or the fan motor.
      5. If the controls are still not responding, contact support for replacement parts such as the control panel, circuit board, or wiring.
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