30" Under Cabinet Stainless Steel Range Hood with Push Button Controls


Cosmo presents a modern professional under cabinet range hood that adds bold, distinct flair to your kitchen. This 30 inch range hood fits easily underneath an existing cabinet, and has a premium brushed stainless steel body that matches seamlessly with existing kitchen appliances for a modern upscale look. Our under cabinet range hood features high efficiency motors to move 500 CFM of air through our premium Cosmo ARC-FLOW® permanent filters to trap grease, oil and odors. Our permanent stainless steel filters save you money on replacements year after year, and are dishwasher safe for added convenience. Our newly designed under cabinet range hood is both energy efficient and quiet, utilizing high lumen LED lighting for year round cost savings. A 3-prong, 120V power cord is included for easy installation. Trust Cosmo for your next kitchen appliance for premium quality at factory-direct prices.

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Product Highlights

ARC-Flow Filters

500 CFM of suction rids the kitchen of harmful pollutants, odors and grease with ease. ARC-FLOW permanent filters are constructed of high quality stainless steel to effectively capture grease and cooking odors and keep the air clean. 

Push Button Controls

With the push button controls, it’s as easy as the push of a button to control the power, lights and 3 fan speeds of this brushed stainless steel range hood by Cosmo. Choose from high, medium and low suction to suit a variety of foods and cooking.

Energy Efficient Lighting

With two front 1.5W LED lights, you can rest assured this is an energy saving solution to lighting up your cooking area with style. Mounted directly below the range hood, cook and see better in the dark.

Premium Build

Satin brushed stainless steel finish gives a professional touch.

Easy Controls

Push button controls adjust the fan speeds, lights and power.

LED Lighting

High efficiency LED lights provide added visibility for the cooktop below.

Efficient Airflow

500 CFM for efficient performance to rid odors, smoke and fumes.

3 Fan Speeds

Choose from high, medium and low suction.

Baffle Filters

ARC-FLOW Permanent Filters trap grease and are dishwasher-safe.

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 8 reviews)
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Easy install

January 24, 2024

The unit arrived and after the initial unboxing inspection, it all looked great. What is nice is the template that they provide.

With my microwave removed and the template in hand, it was a matter of marking off where the vent hole and the four screws come into play. Granted this required a trip to the hardware store for 3” volts, nuts and some fender washers.

With the holes marked, I used a tape measure just to make sure all is in alignment. Same for the cut out for the plug and 8” exhaust. Lastly, due to the size, weight and clumsiness, it requires another person to install it. That is one person holding it into position and the other to put in the screws.

Because I have access to the top area where this thing mounts to (an empty cabinet), the bolts were inserted from the inside of the hood (fender washer) and into the top of the cabinet (another fender washer) with the matching nut.

If you make sure your holes were drilled correctly as well as the exhaust hole, the install took only 20 minutes. Mind you, this install took the place of a dead microwave that in ventilation terms, barely did anything.

What this vent offers is a nice look, that empty area you see there will be filled in with a piece of stainless. In fact, because it’s the same width and height as a door kick panel, I will use one of those rather than ordering a custom panel costing twice as much.


Hood Fan

July 11, 2023

We’ve had the hood fan for three weeks and love it. The fan on low is very powerful for most of our cooking. We would purchase it again.


So far I'm loving this unit

May 24, 2023

Bought this to replace an over the range microwave that just blew smoke up into the ceiling. Installation wasn’t too bad, but it’d definitely a 2 person job. The toughness of the job depends on how your cabinets are laid out and how much of a relief there is on the bottom, but that’s not a fault of the unit itself. A couple things to note since I missed them in the product description (either due to not reading closely enough or my supplier didn’t list them):

1) The exhaust is 8″ in diameter. It’s oversized for a 500CFM unit and could have been 6″ with no downsides. A 8″ to 6″ reducer made finding a hole saw for the wall much easier. I was able to get a 6 3/8″ hole saw and 6″ flexible ducting and it worked perfectly.

2) The LED color tone is very daylight blue. A softer white would probably fit the majority of under cabinet lighting people are installing. You can find stick on filters to warm it up a bit.

Other than that it’s exactly what I expected. I was able to sear some steaks indoors without setting off the fire alarm so I’m a happy camper. Highly recommend for anybody who enjoys cooking and has the ability to vent the exhaust outside. Time will tell if the filters do a good job of removing the grease, but anything is better than the terrible mesh filters on most over range microwaves.


Excellent value, looks great!

April 17, 2023

We picked this hood for the price point, power, and aesthetics. I love that it goes perfectly well with the other stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. It is so effective at removing cooking odors that you can’t even tell that anything is cooking — and we do a LOT of cooking.


Extremely nice hood!!

January 19, 2023

We purchased this from Lowes which was a good experience. I picked this hood because of the air flow and low noise level. I set it up to vent vertically straight out the roof. It has three speeds and can’t imagine ever having to use the 2nd or 3rd speed! On low it draws all smoke and smell from the kitchen. It looks great, very professional cooking. No more smoke alarms going off when my wife creates her incredible cooking!!