Cosmo Photo Contest

Enter for a Chance to Win a Cosmo Air Fryer!

Rules: Submit a a picture of your Cosmo appliance installed in your kitchen. The best images will win! Images must be submitted with the form located below.

Criteria: Images will be judged by a specific criteria. Adhering to these will increase the chance of winning. Cover all three in your image for a greater chance to win!

  1. Photo Quality: The overall resolution and clarity of the image. Higher definition images with proper lighting will be favored.
  2. Kitchen Design: The layout of the kitchen with the appliance installed. Attention to layout, style and the overall aesthetic that highlights the Cosmo appliance.
  3. Composition: Multiple images with different angles will be accepted and can increase your chances of winning. Images that feature the Cosmo Appliance the best will be favored.

Prize: Winners will receive a COS-23AFAKB Air Fryer. Multiple winners will be selected over time.

Terms & Conditions

Images may be used by Cosmo for promotional purposes across social media platforms. By submitting, you allow us to reuse any photos submitted. You also waive the right to any compensation in relation to your image(s). Images can be edited or altered for the purpose of publication. Personal information WILL NOT be used.

Winners will be contacted with the information provided. Please verify that this information is up-to-date prior to submitting. Contacting our support team regarding the status of personal submissions will not increase the likelihood of winning.

Contestants must be at least 18 years of age and reside within the continental United States.

Contest Entry Form

Click "Browse..." and navigate to the image. Accepts jpg, jpeg, png, pdf files only.


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