Carbon Filter Kit CFK1-RS


Charcoal Carbon Filters for ductless ventilation. Made from high quality materials to provide longest usage possible. Includes one set of (2) charcoal filters, which lasts 6 months based on normal usage.

  • Replaceable filter captures and minimizes kitchen odors.
  • Made from quality activated charcoal for better odor absorption.
  • Replace every 6 months or more frequently depending on use.
  • For use with the following Model Numbers: 668WRC75, 668WRC90, 668WRCS75, 668WRCS90, 63ISS75, & 63ISS90.
  • For use with the new versions of the following model numbers: 668A750, 668AS750, & 668AS900 with LED lights in the front, 668ICS750 & 668ICS900 with one-piece chimneys
  • Also for use with UC30 and UMC30 models with 11, 12, or 13 character serial numbers.
  • If your UC30 or UMC30 has a 14 character serial number, you will need the carbon filter kit CFK2 instead.
  • Also for use with 63175, 63175S, 63190, and 63190S models with 16, 17, or 18 character serial numbers (including dashes).
  • If your 63175, 63175S, 63190, or 63190S has a 21 character serial number (including dashes), you will need the carbon filter kit CFK1-TM instead

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