Month: October 2022

Crescent Rolls Recipe

Make these classic, tender crescent rolls right at home. No need to run to the store and get the canned version! These rolls pull apart into flaky layers with mildly sweet and buttery flavory. Pair them with a savory meal or a great breakfast with butter and jam. Prep time: 90 minsCook time: 13 minsRise and chill time: 2 hrsTotal time: 3 hrs 43 minsServings: 24 servingsYield: 24 crescent rolls

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A Common Cleaning Mistake

Cleaning jobs in a home typically involves a cloth and a spray bottle. This seems pretty straight forward for kitchens and bathrooms, but there are steps you can be overlooking. Some cleaning solutions are designed to be applied directly to the surface instead of on a cloth first. Disinfectants for example should be sprayed on the surface and allowed to sit before wiping away. Glass cleaners should also be applied

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