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The Health Benefits of Red Wine

The science has spoken. It may be beneficial to consume red wine, in moderation of course. Here’s some of the key benefits you should know about to feel better the next time you open up a bottle. May Protect Your Heart A recent review has linked drinking red wine to a lower risk of developing heart disease. The research however does not link the direct act of drinking with the

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Using Essential Oils in Your Bath the Right Way

Adding essentials oils to your bath can relieve stress and relax your body, but there’s a chance you’re doing it wrong. There are plenty of essential oils out there and using the wrong ones in the wrong way can spill disaster. Get the most out of your bath time with these tips. Combine with a Carrier Oil Oil and water don’t mix. The last thing you want is for the

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Nutritional Recipes to Start the New Year Right

As we approach the end of 2020, we can look forward to what we want to do differently for 2021. Eating healthy may have been on your to-do list for this year, but we want to make it easy on you with these new recipes. Don’t let healthy eating stop at just foods, learn how to make nutritional drinks too, courtesy of Zevia. Quinoa Salad with Orange Cilantro Salad Dressing

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4 Night Routines for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep hygiene consists of the various habits we engage in before bedtime. These habits can have a significant impact on the quality and the quantity of your rest. It’s important to have a consistent nighttime routine which allows for at least an hour before sleep to wind down, whether it’s drawing a warm bath or drinking your favorite cup of tea. Here’s 4 routines you can try out for a

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4 Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is natural, and can actually be beneficial providing alertness in intense or dangerous situations. However, prolonged and chronic stress can cause negative effects on your health like anxiety, fatigue, headaches and depression. When dealing with stress it’s important to identify any causes that can be eliminated. If the stress is due to uncertainty there are ways to manage it. Exercise. Physical activities such as jogging or cycling that increase

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