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Air Fried Chocolate Easter Eggs

If you need a quick dessert recipe for this weekend, look no further than air fried chocolate easter eggs! These can be prepared easily for a delicious treat with minimal mess. Add these to do your to-do list for the whole family to participate. Ingredients: 1 Cadbury Easter Crème Milk Chocolate Egg 2 Pillsbury Grands Cheese cake frosting Directions: Wrap the 2 Pillsbury Grands around the egg Air fry the

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Coloring Easter Eggs Naturally

Easter’s right around the corner, and colored eggs are a staple in many households. While dyeing kits can be convenient, they can get pricey especially if you’re hoping to color a dozen of eggs. You can achieve a similar effect with natural ingredients such as fresh produce and spices. These types of eggs give a more rustic feel but can still achieve a deeper and brighter color the longer you

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Hello 2021

2020 it’s been real. Truly an unforgettable year with obstacles for many of us. While it may be easy to say goodbye to the year, we should take the time to recognize all there is to be grateful for. If anything, this year has taught us how we may take simple moments like having coffee with a friend or going to a birthday party for granted. We welcome in the

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