Tips for Stress-Free Grocery Shopping During the Holidays

Holiday shopping especially for groceries, can feel hectic and stressful. Check-out lines are longer and popular foods run out of stock. The pressure of a well-executed holiday dinner only adds to the anxiety. Here are insightful tips and tricks to make your shopping enjoyable this holiday season. Don’t stop there! These tips can extend well beyond the holidays.

  1. Shop Early in the Week. We’ve all heard the saying “don’t wait until the last minute”, but the same can be applied to shopping. Try getting your shopping done from Monday to Wednesday to ensure all your desired products are available.
  2. Space Your Trips Out. Plan out your shopping trips so you get dry goods two to three weeks in advance and perishables closer to the holiday. You can also do your shopping during off-peak hours such as the early mornings or after the evening rush to avoid longer lines.
  3. Keep Up with Flyers. If your local supermarket puts out a weekly or monthly flyer with specials and sales, be sure to check up on it. You can be one of the first few to take advantage of a good deal that will pay off during the holidays.
  4. Plan Your Menu. Check your pantry to see what you have and what you need. Make a list of your necessities as soon as possible. Secure the non-perishables sooner rather than later. Take into account that ingredients like spices lose their potency over time. If you’re holding onto the same spices for a while it may best to replace them for the best flavor in your dishes.
  5. Ask For Help. Your local market is staffed to help you. They can help you find items and answer questions like where ingredients are located or when their next shipment is expected. Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Source: the Kitchn

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