Appliances 101

Choosing the Color of Your Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances come in all sorts of colors and finishes. However, the cost of home appliances can mean these are long-term investments for your home. The choice is ultimately dependent on your decor tastes, the reason for buying the appliance, and your living situation. Here are a few tips you can follow when deciding on […]

Dishwasher Mistakes to Avoid For Longevity

All major appliances have proper maintenance protocols to ensure it offers years of reliable use. Dishwashers are no exception. Mold, mildew, inefficient cycles and malfunctioning mechanics can disturb your kitchen’s flow for meal prep and cleanup. These repairs can also be costly. It’s important to prevent these issues by avoiding some common mistakes. As with […]

Installing Cosmo Recirculating Filters for Ductless Range Hoods

Select Cosmo Range Hoods can be used in one of two ways, ducted or ductless. A ducted range hood will carry the ventilated air through ductwork and ultimately outdoors. On the other hand, a ductless range hood will filter the air and recirculate it back into the kitchen. In order for a Cosmo ductless range […]

Breaking Down Dishwasher Detergent Compartments

You may be looking at your dishwasher, more specifically the detergent compartments and asking yourself what all those mean. Let your dishwasher take the load of the work by utilizing these compartments to their maximum potential. Your owner’s manual will be the most useful for model-specific practices. You can also find many manuals online in […]

The Pros and Cons to Black Kitchen Appliances

Black stainless steel appliances have been on trend for quite some time now. It has a timeless appeal that holds up well with various different kitchens. Like any other trend, there are pros and cons for this kitchen design choice. Here’s what you should know before you invest in one. Pros Black is a universal […]