Month: January 2020

Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Small Spaces

Learning how to optimize your cooking space is the first step to remodel your kitchen cost-effectively. With limited space, trying to update your kitchen with quality products that work and fit into your home can be a difficult task to accomplish.    Maximizing your kitchen space is a lot easier when you choose the right cabinet and appliance options. Kitchen cabinets can be the most cluttered space in any kitchen

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5 Steps to Meal Prep for the Week

Eating healthier and saving time around the house are common goals for many families, and there’s one solution that can help attain both: meal-prepping. By planning and preparing meals in advance of each week, you can practice better portion control while creating free time for normally hectic mornings, afternoons and evenings. Consider these tips to start your meal-prepping process: Include the whole family. By letting everybody in on meal-prepping, you’re

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The Electric Range You’ve Been Looking For

It’s officially a new decade, and that means it’s time to upgrade your kitchen appliances with better than ever cooking devices to implement into your home. Cosmo is here to provide you with high-quality home appliances for everyone from the everyday cook to professional chefs, always bringing precision to the table. Our COS-305AERC electric range is the kitchen appliance you need for enticing family meals, special occasions, and baking delectable

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Sustainable Cooking – 6 Seasonal Farmers Market Recipes

Farmers’ markets have grown in popularity thanks in part to the movement towards healthy, local, and organic food. Farmers’ markets pop up during the summer and fall with fresh-from-the-farm favorites. Here are some flavorful recipe ideas that let fresh fruit and vegetables play a starring role.  What You Might Find at a Farmers Market: Seasonal fruits and vegetables Dried fruit and nuts Dips and sauces Meat, fish, and eggs Prepared

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Quick and Tasty

For those who are always on the go, it can be difficult to find time to whip up meals and snacks that are both nutritious and tasty. However, with some simple changes – and time-saving recipes – you can create delicious dishes and meals that will keep you feeling energized to fuel your busy lifestyle. This Egg Roll in a Bowl recipe is an easy dish featuring egg roll flavors

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How to Be an Environmentally Friendly Cook

Cooking sustainably is an excellent step to reduce your impact on the environment. What we eat and how we cook affects our health and the health of our planet. The easiest way to make sure your food is sustainably sourced is to cook it yourself! Cooking at home allows you to make sustainable choices at every step of the process, from shopping for the most sustainable ingredients to reducing food

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