3 Ways to Cook the Perfect Turkey

Cooking turkeys can be a daunting task. Instead of resorting to an old recipe, try something new this year if you’re up for the challenge, here are three different ways you can cook that perfect turkey.

Smoke It

Smoking turkey takes about the same amount of time as cooking it traditionally in an oven, however it requires more attention. You’ll need to truss your turkey to make it easier to flip in the smoker for an even cook. Cotton butcher’s twine is a must.

You’ll need to have a slow and mellow fire. Be sure to keep your coals glowing and add some hardwood chunks for a unique flavor. Keep an eye on the turkey throughout the day and measure its temperature. Avoid a dry, hot smoker as this will make the turkey’s skin crack. Have a silicone brush on hand to keep the turkey basted.

Grill It

A gas grill can be ideal for cooking turkey with the right tools. You’ll need a roast rack to hold up your turkey upside down and away from the grill as it starts to cook. The breast will take the longest so start with the breast side facing the burners. After an hour or two you can flip it over directly on to the grate. Add some smokey flavor with a smoke box as gas doesn’t naturally do this. Keep track of the temperature of your turkey. Use a dual probe thermometer as the breast will take longer to cook.

Fry It

One of the quickest ways to cook a turkey is frying it. You can cook an average sized turkey in about an hour, making it a much more attractive method. It’s best to brine your turkey beforehand to maintain moisture in the turkey as frying can dry it out. Safety is key when it comes to frying a turkey. Be sure you have a thermometer to keep track of the oil’s temperature. Use proper equipment when lowering and lifting the turkey in the oil, such as heat resistant gloves. Turn off your fryer prior to lifting it out of the fryer and check the turkey’s temperature once it’s out. It’s only safe to fry a turkey outdoors and with the proper fryer. Keep flammable items away from the area.

How are you going to cook your turkey this year? Let us know over on our Facebook and Instagram, or in the comments below. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving this year!

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