A Reminder to Throw Out That Sponge

Sponges are a hotspot for bacteria and can make you sick if you’re not careful. You may think if something is dirty then you should clean it right? With sponges, that’s not the case. It’s best to replace your sponge instead of attempting to clean it. Here’s why.

You might have heard the cleaning tip to microwave your sponge to kill off bacteria. However, this isn’t as effective as you may think and could actually be a potential safety hazard. Microwaving a sponge can produce sparks which could damage your microwave. Unless you know the exact amount of time, and how wet your sponge has to be, it’s best to skip this idea altogether. Some sponges contain metal for scouring which is a big no-no in a microwave. While you may kill off pathogens with this method, you actually could be increasing the number of bacteria leading to some diseases such as E. coli.

Bleach and dishwashers also may not be as effective. The problem is the pathogenic bacteria tend to stay behind even if these methods prove 99.9 percent effective. Our recommendation? Toss it out entirely and replace it with a new one. Researchers recommend replacing your sponge about once a week. Even if sanitizing your sponge may seem more cost-effective, it’s not worth the potential risk to your health and safety.

Sources: The Kitchn

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