Appliances You Should Upgrade Before Selling Your Home

While we may not all be moving in the immediate future, it’s always good to know what would increase your home’s resale value. There are three appliances in particular that are worth investing; it also doesn’t hurt that you can enjoy them meanwhile. First, begin researching your home and the current state of the market. There is a point of diminishing returns where upgrades won’t keep increasing your home value. Check in with some licensed real estate professionals to find out what the market looks like and more importantly what upgrades are considered valuable.

Refrigerators. When looking into refrigerators aim for French door models with built-in water and ice dispensers for the greatest return on investment. Stainless steel usually has a higher resale value. It may also be smart to look for refrigerators with an Energy Star logo to note its eco-friendliness–be sure to leave the tag on!

Stoves. A built-in stove often brings in more money when it’s time to sell. Some other features to consider are flat tops for the minimal mess and self-cleaning functions.

Washers. Look for high-efficiency washers and dryers as these appliances are often a part of price negotiations. Common favorable models are top and front-load washers paired with a matching dryer.

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Sources: Apartment Therapy

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