Cast Iron and Glass Top Stoves: Do They Work Together?

Using cast iron cookware on a brand new glass cooktop can be scary, the last thing you want is to scratch or crack it. If you heed to certain guides and pay attention to a few reminders, you can actually use that favorite cast iron skillet of yours on an electric stovetop.

Don’t Slide Your Cast Iron

Always exercise a certain amount of caution with heavy cookware on a glass cooktop. Be careful not to drop it or slide it across the surface. Be extra gentle with cookware that is chipped or has rough edges as this may increase the chance of scratches.

Wash Your Cast Iron

Oil and other residues can carbonize on the bottom of your cast iron cookware, leaving a black mark on a glass stove top. Always wash your cookware immediately after using it and thoroughly clean the interior and exterior after every use.

Cast Iron Heats Slower

An electric cooktop differs from gas in that it takes more time to warm up. A cast iron dish may take a bit longer to heat up. Take this into consideration when calculating recipes. If you’re using cast iron, it may take longer to cook the same meal. Try heating the cookware on low and gradually bringing the heat up for a consistent and even heat distribution.

Source: the Kitchn

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