How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

Coffee studies and reports pop up so frequently it’s hard to know what to listen to. The amount of coffee we should be drinking may be difficult to determine, but there are various health benefits from drinking a few cups per day. On average three to five cups per day can be an acceptable amount, but that number may not be so simple given all cups of coffee are not equal.

Caffeine is the main thing to consider when consuming coffee. For adults, about 400 milligrams per day is considered safe which is the equivalent of four brewed cups of coffee. The results of caffeine on individuals can vary so everyone’s intake should differ based on the effects.

The type of coffee plays an important role here. A black coffee is not the same as a frappuccino at your favorite coffee shop. These drinks can have a ton more cream, sugar or sweeteners leading to undesirable health effects. A cup of coffee can have two calories while a latte of the same size can contain 100. The takeaway here is everything in moderation. If you’re consuming a few cups of black coffee per day, you should be fine. Sugary drinks may need to be occasional treats instead of a daily ritual.

Source: the Kitchn

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