How to Hang Floating Wall Shelves

If you’re looking for the minimal look in your home, try floating shelves. These shelves have no brackets giving them the appearance they’re floating on your walls. Installation isn’t as hard as you may think. Here’s how to hang them in six easy steps.

  1. Select Shelves. There are many types of floating shelves on the market. Each has their own signature mechanism, but they all have some sort of wall-mounted bracket which holds the shelves in place. This will remain hidden once installed.
  2. Select the Placement. Decide where you’d like the shelves to go. Be sure to measure, and then, using a level, hold the shelves in place while you draw a marking line on the wall.
  3. Trace Brackets. Place the shelf bracket up against the marking line as a guide. Trace the screw holes for the bracket.
  4. Attach Brackets. Using the traced marks as a guide, drill screws through the brackets and into the wall. Start with the middle screw and ensure it is level before you attach the other screws.
  5. Attach Shelves. Slide the shelves over the bracket and attach any remaining securing screws. Decorate your shelves with anything you’d like such as artwork, plants or books!

Source: House Beautiful

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