How to Personalize Your Kitchen

Plants may seem like just a decorative piece in a kitchen, but if growing the right ones, they can offer tastier meals and fresher cocktails. Consider adding low maintenance herbs to brighten up your kitchen space. Here’s some tips on how to start your plant collection.

Pots. Plant pots can add the most character to a plant and speak to your style. Choose pots with interesting colors and shapes. Combine earthy clay pots and soothing natural sandstone for a dynamic look to your kitchen. You can also add a modern flair with classic black and white ceramic.

Variety. Add a few different herbs to your kitchen that vary shape and texture. This can also make cooking easier with less runs to the grocery store. Try rosemary for an even more delicious roast chicken, or oregano for your favorite tomato sauce recipes. If you have cocktails in mind, consider easy growing mint for the most refreshing drinks.

Space. If you’re short on counter space try out some hanging garden options. There are many pots on the market that will easily match your taste. It’s important to have your plants in a sunny spot in your kitchen, make sure you have a window spot that offers lots of natural light.

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Sources: Apartment Therapy

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