How to Solve 8 Common Kitchen Problems

Kitchen appliances may cause issues down the road. It’s useful to know the common problems you can easily fix before calling on a professional. Here’s 10 of the most common problems you can fix in your kitchen.

  1. A Warm Fridge or Freezer. If your appliance can’t stay cool, check the doors are closing completely and the seal is tight. Pay attention to any unusual heat, drips or noises. A refrigerator condenser will generate heat but it shouldn’t be excessive.
  2. Odors in a Fridge or Freezer. This is often caused by food that has gone bad. Wash the bins and shelves with dish soap and let the unit air out, and clean the evaporator. Adjust the temperatures inside between 0 and 40 degrees F to prevent any frost build, mold growth or odors.
  3. Under or Overcooking Oven. Every oven operates differently. Investing in an oven thermometer to check temperature settings can prevent food from taking too long or burning quickly. If the issue persists, look into recalibration.
  4. Microwave Doesn’t Heat Up. A faulty magnetron could be the cause of a malfunctioning microwave. These parts can burn out if the microwave is turned on while empty. Look for a replacement of the part.
  5. Microwave Tray Isn’t Turning. If the plate doesn’t turn, look for any obstructions such as large crumbs. The motor could also be worn out, which is easily replaceable with a manufacturer part.
  6. Dripping Sink or Faucet. If your sink is leaking, clean the faucet screen. If you notice any mold under the sink check for any leaks near the drain line and pea-trap. Check the garbage disposal and water lines leading to other appliances as well.
  7. Garbage Disposal Doesn’t Work. Try the reset button first. Next, you can try grinding an ice cube or two. If you suspect the garbage disposal is blocked with food or silverware, unplug it first before trying to clear it.
  8. Range Hood Isn’t Clearing Smoke. One cause of a faulty range hood is the motor or clogged ductwork. Replacing air filters is a quick fix if there’s an excess of grease build up. Ductwork can be tricky and should be performed by a professional for any suspected blocks.

Source: The Spruce

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