Kitchen Cabinetry Essentials

If you find yourself replacing your kitchen cabinets any time soon, consider good storage that goes beyond volume. Not all cabinets are providing the intelligent, strategic storage that makes a kitchen work at maximum effectiveness. Here are some of the essentials to bring out your kitchen’s potential.

Drawers and Sliding Shelves

These drawers are the ultimate storage space for a kitchen for several reasons. They offer an ergonomic design since they pull out towards you, removing the need to squat or reach up high. Anything can be stored in these cabinets and they can be stacked one on top of the other. A drawer will always bring clean lines which fits any kitchen design such as traditional, farmhouse or contemporary.

Trash Pull-Out

Remove the trash bin from the side of the island and hide it behind a door in your cabinetry. Ideally you should have two bins–one for trash and another for recycling. A double trash unit only takes up 18 inches of space and is available with soft-close mechanisms. Many trash units are short enough to fit into a base cabinet with a top drawer.

Vertical Dividers

These dividers are great for storing many large, flat objects like cutting boards, cookie sheets or baking pans. They are often placed in the upper portion of tall cabinetry or can fit in narrow base cabinets, 9 to 12 inches wide. Use these dividers to compensate where a drawer stack isn’t practical.

Spice Pull-Out

Spices will accumulate in your kitchen over time. When spices are stacked behind each other, it can be difficult to organize and find what you need. A great solution is a 12-inch-wide pull out cabinet fitted adjacent to your cooking surface. Tiered shelves are the best to store larger jars where you can view everything at once.

Source: The Spruce

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