Planning Kitchen Remodel Budgets

When planning your kitchen remodel it’s important to also plan out your budget. When deciding what is best, every person will have their own priorities on where to prioritize their budget. For example, a chef may spend more money on their appliances while a family may focus on cabinet storage. If your budget doesn’t allow for some materials today, consider placeholders that will be easily replaceable in the future. While values in a kitchen will shift person to person, here’s a general guide on where you can save or splurge.

Appliances. Look for energy efficient appliances with warranties when picking appliances. Your appliances will be one of the features in your kitchen you will use often. Strike a balance between the cost of the appliances and cabinets. Keep in mind the kind of appliance you want to spend a larger budget on. For example, a refrigerator may need to be replaced every 15 years while a cooktop will last longer. Consider investing more in the cooktop instead. If you are constantly doing dishes, try investing in a quality dishwasher to adapt to your lifestyle.

Countertops. A countertop may be the centerpiece in a kitchen, which could need a larger budget. This can also influence the rest of the decorative decisions in the entire kitchen. If you are looking for a beautiful surface within a budget consider a lower grade granite. Laminate is also a cheaper alternative while still mimicking the design.

Cabinetry. The cabinets in a kitchen remodel can easily add cost to your budget. Definitely invest in a waste-recycling center and make sure all the drawers and doors are soft close. Functionality is the key when it comes to cabinets. Investing in cabinets that build up to the ceiling will give you much more storage while drawers in base cabinets offer more ergonomic access. Save on cabinet materials as it is difficult to tell the difference from veneer and solid wood. Invest instead in plywood shelving as these will last longer and keep their value over time.

When it comes to installation, do invest in professionals. Cabinet installation is an intense process and isn’t as simple as hanging some boxes.

Hardware. Knobs, pulls and handles can easily impact the look of a kitchen. The price on this hardware can range from a few dollars to hundreds. One thing to consider when planning a budget for hardware is to match what’s already existing in the cabinets. For example, replace a pull with a pull rather than drilling new holes into cabinets as these are permanent changes.

Tile. Ceramic tile may look great, but porcelain can be a cheaper alternative for flooring. Porcelain tiles resist chipping and cracking while still being a low cost alternative. Consider larger tiles to give an updated look to your kitchen while reducing the amount of work during installation. You can find porcelain tiles that imitate the look of natural stone.

Sources: HGTV

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