The Dirtiest Places in Your Kitchen

Kitchens have obvious messes like dishes or sticky floors, but there are many places you may be forgetting to clean. Places of high traffic such as counters, shelves and handles can be hotspots that should be regularly maintained. Here’s a few places that are often the dirtiest in a kitchen, and how you can keep them clean.

  1. Knobs, Handles and Touch Pads. Every appliance in your kitchen will have some sort of control panel or handle that is touched every time it’s used. These places are used after raw food is prepared or before hands are washed, leaving behind bacteria. Bacteria can lead to digestive upset and make your family sick. Use disinfectant wipes or spray-on disinfectant with a clean cloth or paper towel on pulls, handles or controls panels after food preparation and daily use.
  2. Sink. Even though sinks have water running through, there are likely microbes on the surface or around crevices where the sink joins the counter. The kitchen sink should be disinfected after meal preparation, washing dishes or at least once per day. Don’t forget to clean the handles and counters near the sink where splatters can land.
  3. Refrigerator. Harmful bacteria can still grow inside cold temperatures. Fruits and vegetables will stay fresh longer if they’re not washed before storing in your refrigerator. These are often covered in bacteria or pesticides. Even though they’re washed before food preparation, the crisper drawers in your fridge have bacteria left behind. Raw meats and poultry can leak fluids which accumulate in drawers and along shelf edges. Remove drawers and shelves monthly to wash with a mild detergent and hot or warm water. Wipe away any spills with a disinfecting wipe between thorough cleanings.
  4. Salt and Pepper Shakers. Often overlooked, salt and pepper shakes are used in various stages of food preparation. Give them a careful wipe with a disinfecting wipe after every meal and thoroughly each week.

Source: the Spruce

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