The One Thing You Should and One Thing You Shouldn’t Do When Decorating Your Kitchen

Designing a kitchen to fit your lifestyle, taste and needs is no easy feat. There are elements that make a kitchen shine, while others can cause more stress later on. Here is the most important thing to do when decorating your kitchen as well as a major mistake to avoid.

Attention to Detail

Designing a kitchen is all about small touches. Select items that are both beautiful and functional. Usually these can be simple and inexpensive. For instance, glass dispensers or attractive dish towels can complement your style. It’s all about elevating your everyday essentials, making things easier to find and better-looking. Place your sea salt in a pottery bowl, or put your olive oil and vinegar on a cutting board.

Plants are also a great way to make your kitchen shine. Warm up the space with plants or flowers and even faux stems which can bring a bit of the outdoors in. Textiles and patterns can bring a layer of softness to a typically hard-surfaced place. Your kitchen is full of counterspaces and cabinets which can be contrasted by a soft and colorful runner. It brings a design flair to an otherwise entirely functional space.

Don’t Go Too Trendy

Be careful to avoid trendy big ticket items. Ask yourself an important question: will you still love this and can’t do without it in 10 years from now? Your appliances, countertops and floorings are big investments that can’t be easily replaced. If you want to incorporate trends, find items that are easily replaceable and can reflect the same look you’re going for. Bold colored appliances, funky tiles and experimental pieces are best avoided. They will look dated over time and can limit your design options in the future. Try to keep the built-in elements neutral and simple, it’ll be less costly to update an accessory or piece of art than a stove.

Colors aren’t the only element that should stand the test of time. Materials and finishes should also make sense for your lifestyle. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing marble counters if you don’t plan on staying on top of the maintenance. You don’t need to completely alter your aesthetic to get the look you want. Try quartz instead of marble!

Source: the Kitchn

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