The Power of Microfiber Cloths

Cotton or paper towels fall short to microfiber in plenty of ways. A microfiber cloth is synthetic, consisting of polyester which gives it a towel-like structure while nylon adds absorption and density. You can use a microfiber cloth for furniture or clothes but it also works great for cleaning and sanitizing other spaces.

Microfiber consists of millions of tiny fibers and has a positive charge to attract grime and dirt. These fibers are 100 times finer than a strand of human hair, meaning it can penetrate any crack or crevice paper towels can’t. You’ll also get higher water absorption than a normal rag or sponge.

Germs are no exception to a microfiber’s cleaning capabilities. You can clean without the need for accompanying products on sanitizing jobs. Use microfiber in areas besides just countertops. Mops are also built with microfibers, making them superior to cotton alternatives. These mops are also lighter and more ergonomic than traditional mops.

Be sure to throw your microfiber along with a microfiber filter in the wash to avoid any microplastic pollution.

Source: Apartment Therapy

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