The Pros and Cons of Counter Depth Appliances

You may have come across appliances referred to as counter-depth or cabinet-depth. These kinds of appliances are designed to fit neatly in-line against countertops and base cabinets. It’s most common in refrigerators since these appliances most often come out further than countertops or cabinets. Other appliances such as dishwashers or wine coolers are already designed to fit under a countertop.

A refrigerator can extend as far as 5 to 10 inches than cabinet faces which can make some designs look awkward or clumsy. The counter-depth design is a popular solution to keep the appliance’s profile low and aligned with cabinets or countertops. While these designs are more elegant and seamless, they are not without their drawbacks. Here’s a list of the most common pros and cons for a cabinet-depth appliance.

Cost. Typically, a counter-depth appliance will cost more than a standard refrigerator with comparable features. It’s also not uncommon for the appliance to have slightly less capacity than their standard counterparts.

Maintenance. A counter-depth appliance is typically repaired and maintained the same way as a standard appliance. The shallower design does require certain components such as water filters to be repositioned. This may make accessing them slightly more difficult. A repair will cost you about the same as a standard appliance. They’re also no more prone to problems than a standard appliance.

Design. This design is favored for a modern and streamlined profile. A luxury kitchen will often make use of this design, since uninterrupted looks are essential. The counter-depth design is also useful in smaller kitchens where a standard appliance can come out much further and be a hindrance.

Convenience. A counter-depth refrigerator is shallower in depth, meaning you have a shorter reach to access contents. Finding and retrieving foods is easier and requires less bending. The easier access does come with a cost of capacity. You can expect a smaller storage volume unless you opt for an even wider refrigerator. The shallow design can improve traffic flow since the appliance won’t get in your way as you move about. However, the doors are often wider meaning they will swing wider as you open and close them.

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Source: the Spruce

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