The Secret Ingredient to Better Burgers

Burgers are a quintessential summer meal. There’s nothing like a classic burger for dinner with family or a backyard barbeque. They’re versatile, easy to prepare and always a crowd pleaser. But there’s one ingredient to make burgers even more flavorful without any fussy preparation, yellow mustard!

This tip is used among chefs and popular burger chains. Just brushing a bit of mustard on an uncooked side of a patty after the initial sear yields satisfying results. The mustard method is common in barbecue in South Carolina, typically for meat while it slowly cooks. It’s also similar to adding mayonnaise to bread for a better grilled cheese. The mustard will melt on a hot burger, then the heat will caramelize the bite to complement the meat. It’ll also serve as another source of seasoning since mustard usually contains salt, sugar, vinegar and other seasonings. If yellow mustard isn’t your go-to, try out different mustards instead! You don’t need any special tools to get the same effect.

Source: the Kitchn

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