The Water Test You Should Do Once a Year

Taking care of your kitchen may not be as obvious as you think. Your granite countertops or other natural stone surfaces require regular sealing. Leaving counters unsealed will result in etching and staining, especially from dark-colored greasy spills. Sealing ensures protection and leaves them with a reflective sheen to elevate your entire kitchen. Here’s a test you can perform to see if your counters need sealing.

Drip a small amount of water on your surface and check on it again in half an hour. If the water is still beaded up at the surface, your counters are sealed and safe. If the water stays splotchy or seeps into the granite with visible dark spots, it’s time to seal. Sealing a counter is simple and more like cleaning. You’ll spray it on the counter and leave it for a minute or two, and buff it into the counter with a soft lint, free rag.

Source: Apartment Therapy

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