Tips for Making Better Smoothies

Smoothies seem like they should be easy to pull off, but you may be wondering why yours don’t taste quite like the ones you get at your local juice bars. Here are a few ways to perfect your smoothie making skills for a delicious and vibrant smoothie every time.

Frozen Foods. Don’t fall under the impression that frozen foods aren’t as nutritious for you. They’re easy to store, especially if they’re out of season. Keep smoothie ingredients on hand with this method. Try freezing your bananas next time, they taste like ice cream and have a super creamy texture when blended.

Look at Your Blender. If you’re ending up with chunky and lumpy smoothies, it may be time to invest in a good blender. Blenders come at many price points with plenty of differing features. Some may have a more powerful motor but too noisy for a family home. Shop around for what’s best for you and your needs.

Vegetables. Try incorporating at least one veggie when you can. Frozen cauliflower is easy since you won’t taste it and makes smoothies super creamy. Sweet potatoes, kale and spinach are all great vegetables to add into your next smoothie.

Make It Effortless. Once you have your essentials covered, make smoothies to your liking. Try adding a fruit, a veggie and protein so you know you have all your bases covered. After that, do what tastes best to you. Maybe you want to add some protein powder or a new veggie to shake things up. The options are limitless!

Source: Simply Recipes

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