Ways You’re Wasting Space in Your Kitchen

Every inch of your kitchen is important and begging to be maximized. Wasting space in one area will lead you to compensate for it in another. It’s a never ending domino effect of consequences, leading to frustration and lack of efficiency. Here are some of the key pinpoints people often waste space the worst.

  1. Vertical Space. Vertical storage is available nearly everywhere in a kitchen including cabinets and the pantry. A shelf-rise in a cabinet can give you the instant shelves you need to store necessary pots or pans. Tiered shelving in pantries allows you to see everything at first glance. Walls are also prime real estate! Shelves and hooks can be placed here for even more storage opportunities.
  2. Stacking Instead of Filing. A stack of baking sheets and cutting boards can be a nightmare. It also takes up more space than it should. Instead of forming these into unorganized mountains, turn them on their side and file them vertically. Tension rods are a great DIY solution for filing.
  3. Ignoring Backs of Doors or Cabinet Sides. A simple hook on the back of cabinet doors can provide a perfect place to store dish gloves, pot holders and more. Try hanging a rail on the side of a cabinet to sort out a space for cookware and utensils. You can even add hooks or magnetic strips to the bottom of upper cabinets for mugs and metal-lidded jars.
  4. Holding Onto Things For Too Long. One of the worst offenders for a kitchen’s organization is saving things you shouldn’t be. Reclaim wasted space by going through all kitchen possessions and tossing or moving things you don’t need. Methodically approach each section one at a time, such as all your mugs or utensils. Store rarely used appliances on the top shelf of a closet until it’s time to pull them out.

Source: the Kitchn

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