3 of the Best Colors to Paint a Kitchen

Kitchens play a huge role in your day to day. It’s also one of the biggest factors to a home’s resale value. A well-designed kitchen can help your home stand out against competitors. This minor kitchen remodel can provide the biggest return on investment compared to more costly remodels. When deciding on a kitchen paint color, it should resonate with a wide array of buyers. Color is a fun, visual interest but can also be a risk. While some buyers like a calm, soothing blue others may prefer a vibrant and energetic color. If you’re trying to maximize your chances, stay light. Here are the three most resale-friendly colors according to real estate professionals.

  1. Greige. A combination of beige and gray, this color is a versatile neutral color. It can give the illusion of spaciousness in a small kitchen. Greige can come in many hues and shades with either warm or cool undertones. It can complement any color while delivering a timeless look. A buyer can imagine their pots, pans and decorations working well against a greige-colored kitchen.
  2. White. An energizing color, white suggests freshness and cleanliness. It’s a timeless style and works with any kitchen size. White is ideal for a resale since it’s essentially a blank slate begging to be personalized by future buyers.
  3. Light Green. While neutrals are a sensible choice, a lighter shade of green is a great option for kitchens. People are leaning towards a more natural and green environment. It offers a sense of calmness and a soothing feel to a kitchen.

Source: the Kitchn

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