5 Vegan Swaps for Dairy Products

A plant-based diet doesn’t have to be a headache as long as you know what to swap and when. Most of these options you have in your pantry or can be achieved with a blender. Here are some non-dairy substitutions in common recipes.

Almond Milk

Probably one of the easiest swaps you can make is substituting dairy milk with almond milk. It’s a versatile ingredient for any recipe you may need such as coffee, smoothies or baking. Use unsweetened almond milk for the most neutral flavor when you are baking or cooking.

Non-Dairy Butter Milk

Combine any non-dairy milk with apple cider vinegar for a non-dairy buttermilk. For 1 cup of buttermilk, measure out ¾ cup + 2 tablespoons non-dairy milk and add 2 tablespoons vinegar. The acid from vinegar will behave in the same way the acid in buttermilk would.

Nutritional Yeast

A nutritional yeast is a savory “dust” that tastes similar to cheese. This yeast is considered deactivated as it is no longer alive after manufacturing, and is made specifically as a food product. You can use it generously as a seasoning with popcorn, scrambled eggs or salads. It’s extremely versatile for any recipe.

Cashew Cream

Blend cashes with water and a pinch of salt for a creamy sauce. Add a squeeze of lemon or smoked paprika for a delicious flavor. Spread this on subs or drizzle over nachos. Try folding in minced chives and garlic powder for a ranch-like dip.

Banana Ice Cream

Frozen bananas puréed taste creamy and sweet just like soft serve. Add a spoonful of cocoa powder or nut butter with a handful of frozen berries for a refreshing summer day snack.

Source: Good Housekeeping

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