The Difference Between Slide-In vs Drop-In Ranges

If you’re in need of a new range, you’ve probably come across slide-in or drop-in variations. While they may be similar in build, each has their unique design features with different installation requirements. Freestanding ranges are among the most popular but a slide-in or drop-in model gives a unique integrated look. Here are the main differences between a slide-in and drop-in model.


Slide-in ranges usually have a bottom drawer below to store cookware. A drop-in range has to fit with existing cabinetry so it typically doesn’t have a storage drawer. This should be considered since you’ll need additional cabinet space for your cookware and pans. It’s also important to note that a drop-in installation is typically more expensive to install since it requires custom cabinetry to drop into.


A drop-in range is often placed in islands or on top of custom cabinets. A slide-in range on the other hand, has contoured sides to slide in between two adjoining cabinets and allows for the cooktop to rest on top of either side. This prevents food from falling in any spaces between the range and cabinetry.

When deciding on a range, look for the kinds of cabinets available to you in your kitchen. There are many different models to fit your needs whether it’s freestanding, slide-in or drop-in variations.

Source: The Spruce

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