A New Way to Get Rid of Those Shipping Labels

During these times online shopping has skyrocketed for many of us. Whether it’s due to working from home or avoiding stores all together, we have a larger influx of shipping packages. These packages often have information we want to dispose of before recycling it, such as our name or address. Try out this method to get rid of that label before you toss it or if you want to preserve the box for use later on.

The key ingredient here is nail polish remover. Simply take a cotton ball or a cotton pad and soak it in the nail polish remover. Then, wipe over the label. It may take a few passes to fully dissolve the ink but once it dries you’ll be left with a completely blank box.

Doing this can help protect yourself from anyone who may want to rummage through your trash later on. Better yet, it can serve as a great base to work from if you’d like to reuse the box for another shipment later. While you may just be using a sharpie or ripping the label, try out this method for a simple and clean way to dissolve personal information from your shipping labels next time.

Sources: Apartment Therapy

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