Browning Butter Like A Pro

Baked goods and savory treats made with brown butter give it an extra depth of flavor. It works some serious magic. It has a depth and an intensity that melted butter can lack. While brown butter isn’t hard to make on a stovetop, it can be more work. It requires an extra level of vigilance so the butter doesn’t overcook or burn. Simplify the process by browning the butter in a microwave instead!

Cut the butter in roughly cut pieces and place in a microwave-safe bowl with a cover. Heat in a microwave on high for about 10 minute if you’re browning a cup of butter. This will be less if you’re browning less. Check the butter to see it has a nutty smell with browned bits and a deep amber color. If you haven’t achieved that quite yet, simply stick it back in the microwave for another minute or two. The most important part here is this is a completely hands-off experience. There’s no active time required. Brown butter will give your baked goods that extra bit of flavor, and with the microwave tip you’ll be sure to get the results you desire.

Source: the Kitchn

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