Decluttering Tips for An Organized Kitchen

Paying a professional organizer is expensive, but having a tidy kitchen is the key to achieving a picture perfect finish. Here are a few tips professional organizers offer their clients when it comes to decluttering a kitchen. Apply these to your home to keep your kitchen in pristine shape year-round!

  1. Sort Through Items. The most common issue is an excess of items. In a kitchen, all sorts of items can pile up such as food, dish sets, and utensils. The challenge is to sort through everything and decide whether it should be kept, tossed or donated. Always check for expired food as this is an obvious item to get rid of. Don’t forget to review all your spices too! Pull out all the rarely used appliances to see if they’re still working.
  2. Relocate Items. Often, a kitchen can be a landing ground for many items that don’t belong in a kitchen. Go through these items to see if they can be relocated to another part of your home. If it needs to absolutely stay, designate a single neat and tidy drawer to house all these items.
  3. The One-In-One-Out-Rule. This rule is a pro tip you can apply to further declutter your kitchen. Whenever you purchase a new item, throw an old item away. It will help keep your kitchen organized while preventing a pile up.
  4. Labels. Once everything has been sorted, edited and organized, it’s time to properly label everything. This will help you keep track of what goes where and make sure items don’t end up in the wrong spot again.

Source: Apartment Therapy

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