Four Worthwhile Kitchen Gadgets in 2020

With all the focus on Marie Kondo, it can be tempting to cut down on the number of non-essential items in your kitchen. While we agree that your spaces should spark joy, we’ve also got a few opinions on four kitchen gadgets that are worth the space you’ll spend to keep them. 

Air Fryer

From crisping frozen french fries to roasting a chicken, the air fryer is a trendy, but versatile addition to any kitchen. Choose one with the capacity to suit your needs, and enjoy delicious, crisply fried foods without the grease. 

Food Processor

The humble food processor is an amazing utility tool- from mincing mirepoix to blending a can of tomatoes down to an easy pizza sauce, having a food processor in your kitchen can really improve your life.  Did you know that a food processor isn’t just for vegetables? You can combine butter or lard with flour for a quick and easy pie crust, with very little mess.

Kitchen Scale

No, it’s not just for watching your waistline. The kitchen scale can also be used to help make more complex recipes with precision, and is a must for the home baker or pastry chef.

Mandoline Slicer

While it can seem a little scary at first, a good mandolin makes slicing, dicing and grating vegetables easy and quick, all while ensuring uniform cuts and slices, for pretty plating and presentation.

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