Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Air Fryer

Have you been using your Air fryer a lot more lately? Then you know it’s an easy and more convenient way to get delicious meals on the table quickly.  Cooking with this miracle kitchen gadget is a game-changing experience. The possibilities are endless when you cook with an Air fryer – so to make the most of this amazingly versatile kitchen tool, we’ve put a list of common mistakes people make with their Airfryer. 

Mistake # 1 Not Preheating the Air Fryer 

Like your oven the air fryer needs to be hot in order to properly cook the food.  Placing food in the air fryer while it’s still cold might not yield the best results for your recipes. Even if the recipe doesn’t mention it, we recommend to turn the air fryer on 5-10 minutes before you add your food. It heats up pretty fast so it won’t take long for it to reach the perfect temperature. 

Mistake # 2 Too Much Food in the Basket 

It can be tempting to over crowd the basket since most air fryers are small but don’t. Your air fryer needs space for air to flow around it. There’s enough room to comfortably fit two- four servings of food depending on the size of the machine. Rather cook in smaller batches for faster, better results. 

Mistake # 3 Not Using the Right Amount of Oil 

The name air fryer might be misleading because you do actually need more than just air to cook in the air fryer. You don’t want too much or too little oil though. Using just enough oil will help your food crisp up.   1-2 teaspoons of oil is all you need for most items. Even if you’re avoiding added fats in your diet, you can spritz the food with some non-stick cooking spray to coat your food ( but don’t spray the basket directly). Check recipe instructions for more exact measurements. 

Mistake # 4 Cutting vegetables too small

Beware of small pieces of food falling through the basket holes and then burning. To avoid this from happening it’s best to cut ¼ inches wide to ensure they remain in the basket.

Mistake # 5 Using wet batters

A lot of deep-friend foods we love have a moist batter that don’t work well in the air fryer because there isn’t enough hot oil to set the batter like  in a vat of hot oil. To avoid a sloppy mess when wet batter sinks through the basket holes adapt your recipes or use recipes that require a thick coating instead.

Mistake # 6 You don’t clean it often

A number of problems can arise from not cleaning your air fryer after each use.  You’re risking food contamination, crumbs left behind or leftover oil residue can burn and cause smoke, posing a fire hazard.   Be diligent about hand washing the air fryer basket, bottom tray and drawer with warm soapy water after every use.

Mistake # 7 You don’t flip your food

You can’t set it and forget it- the air fryer does require some attending.  To make sure your food cooks to your desired perfection make sure to check on it. Flip your proteins halfway through while they’re still cooking to ensure the dish is evenly cooked. You will also want to move your veggies around periodically when cooking them in the air fryer.