How Does an Air Fryer Work?

Although you’re not technically frying, since that involves submerging something in oil, air frying is a great alternative to reducing fat. An air fryer actually works very similarly to a countertop convection oven in that it has a heating element with a fan to blow air around a cooking chamber. The difference is an air fryer swirls the air around very quickly in a circular fashion to reach all of the surfaces of the food to create a crisp crust.

An air fryer also takes advantage of a perforated basket which increases the food’s contact with the hot moving air. You won’t need to toss or shake fries during cooking for the perfect crisp. Conveniently sized to sit on a countertop, air fryers can help save valuable space in a kitchen as opposed to full sized ovens.

Oil Content

Many air fryers will need far less oil than typical frying would. However, a small amount of oil or spray can still prove beneficial to help with crisping. It’s best to go by the recipe and the type of air fryer you have.


An air fryer can actually be used for many other things besides just creating a delicious crisp. Try roasting and baking in an air fryer for delicious desserts. It’s important to note that pastries won’t rise in the same way it would in a full-size oven.

Source: The Kitchn

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