How to Bake the Perfect Potato

A baked potato can seem like an easy meal, but all the butter and sour cream can’t fix a dry and flat tater. There are a few tips you can utilize to perfect a tender and fluffy potato. If you want a crispy skin on the potatoes, be sure to cover them in oil for the last 10 minutes.

  1. Use russet potatoes. These potatoes are the best for baking among the rest. You’ll want to use medium sized potatoes about 1/2 pound.
  2. Poke Them. Use a fork to poke each potato about six or seven times. This will prevent them from bursting in the oven.
  3. Avoid Foil. Resist the urge to wrap the potatoes. Potatoes baked with foil will turn out soggy, rather than fluffy.
  4. Fire Up the Oven. A higher oven heat will produce the best texture. Try baking potatoes at 450°F for 45 minutes to an hour.

Source: the Kitchn

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