How to Chill Wine Quickly

One of the biggest factors that affects way you experience wine is serving temperature; which has an impact on the wine’s flavor, structure, and aroma. That being said, what do you do when company is on the way and you’re in need of some perfectly chilled wine now. Resist the urge to add ice cubes to your glass; this dilutes the wine.  So we decided to take a look at the proper serving temperature, because getting your wines temperature just right is one of the most important factors for enjoying wine. 

Submerge the Wine Bottle in Ice Water And Salt

This is the method preferred by sommeliers. Make an ice bath for your bottle, you should use a 50/50 ratio of ice and water.  There is a one special ingredient that you need –Salt! It will further drop the freezing temperature of water, which will chill your wine faster! Make sure the bottle is completely submerged, to ensure the contents of the entire bottle evenly chill.

Drop Frozen Grapes into Your Wine Glass

More than just a delicious healthy snack frozen grapes are also a great way to chill wine. Drop your frozen grapes into your glass—they’ll function just like ice cubes, except you won’t end up with watered-down wine.

Use Wine Pearls in Your Wine Glass

Unlike ice cubes which dilute your wine, Wine Pearls are hand-polished stainless steel “pearls” that have a freezing gel inside, which works to quickly cool your glass of wine, without affecting the taste in the process. Wine Pearls will keep your wine cold for up to an hour.

Use your Freezer

If you choose to use the freezer, be very careful (don’t want the bottle to explode). The right way to do it is to wrap the bottle in a wet tea towel before you put it in. The damp towel will freeze quickly, and thanks to the frozen towel, the wine will chill in half the time it usually would

(Note: The tea towel might be stuck to the bottle when you remove it from the freezer—to fix this, simply run it under warm water and the towel will slide off.)

Chill Your Wine by the Serving 

Since glass bottles can be thick and insulated, the wine will chill faster once it’s out of the bottle. Keep a bag of frozen grapes in the fridge, you can just use them as needed. It is a great way to chill wine, since it will cool down the wine without watering it down too.

Right now, you need to chill your wine quickly but if you want to avoid this problem in the future there is a solution that will make sure your wine is always at optimal temperature. Consider buying a wine cooler by Cosmo, designed for chilling wine and other beverages by eliminating harmful light, fluctuating temperatures, humidity, and vibration. Read about it here

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