Kitchen Items You Can Put in Your Dishwasher

We may think dishwashers are only useful for plates and utensils, however there are plenty of larger items it can clean as well. It leaves them cleaner than you might achieve normally. Here’s a list of the items that are generally okay to run through the dishwasher. As with any product, always follow your user manual first to see if there are any specific cleaning requirements.

Stove Grates and Caps. As long as your grates and caps are coated in enamel they’re fine to put in a dishwasher. Check to see if they look or feel like raw uncoated metal. If so, skip the dishwasher and wash these manually.

Microwave Tables. Depending on their size, these tables are often a pain to clean in a sink. If you’re worried these aren’t as clean as they should be, toss them in the dishwasher.

Refrigerator Shelves and Drawers. Some of these may be too big to fit in a dishwasher, but you may be able to stack a few in the same place you normally stack plates. Others you might be able to lay across the top.

Sink Drain Cover. This one may be relatively easy to clean by hand compared to the previous ones, but they’re generally covered in stuff you may not want to touch. Give it a wash in your dishwasher for a quick and effortless clean.

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Source: Food Network

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