New Cosmo Gas Ranges Coming Soon

The new Cosmo range carries the modern sophistication we expect to see from a Cosmo Kitchen appliance. Cosmo is excited to introduce its new portfolio of Gas Ranges that make a bold statement.  They truly are a whole new class of chef’s kitchen inspired cooking products.

Cosmo’s COS-ERPG models will be available in 30, 36 and 48 inches.  This model of gas range combines professional styling and performance quality to elevate your home cooking experience. This professional range has a beautiful, brushed stainless steel finish and three Layered glass windows, and a storage drawer at bottom. 

Let’s take a closer look at what Cosmo’s Range brings to you:

Large oven capacity is a prerequisite for most modern home kitchens and the COS-ERPG models have it in spades, so baking for a crowd is done in time. Their cooktops are equipped with a variety of different burners to suit needs from the largest pots and pans down to the most delicate sauces. 

Special oven functions give you the precision to create everything from juicy roasts to delicate desserts. Designed for durability, these gas range are constructed with industrial, corrosion resistant grade stainless steel. A removable backsplash means this range is suitable for either freestanding or slide-in. 

Whichever model you choose, these ranges all bring the kitchen together for the modern-day homeowner. Their refined design of the ranges is compatible with any home decor that makes updating your kitchen a breeze. The COS-EPRG366 gas range is the smartest way to revamp your kitchen, without having to compromise quality for price. 

Look for them soon where Cosmo appliances are sold!!


  • Six cooktop burners and one warming zone, including two select a size burners to customize your cooking options
  • Spacious 6 cu. ft. oven capacity with modern professional styling
  • Smooth glass ceramic cooktop is easy to clean
  • Black Porcelain Drip Pan for Easy Surface Cleaning
  • Heavy Duty Continuous Cast Iron Cooking Grates 
  • Black ABS Knobs 
  • Gray Porcelain Oven Interior with White Flakes
  • One Halogen Lights Commercial Convection Fan 
  • Three Layers Glass Window Storage Drawer at Bottom

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