Overdone Kitchen Design Trends

Let’s face it, we’ve spent more time at home with our kitchens this past year making us more conscious of kitchen trends. A kitchen is always a top priority for house hunters and with a competitive market, a trend could be a turn-off. Here are a few trends that have been worn down according to real estate experts.

All-White Kitchens. At first these kitchens offered the most crisp and polished look. But over time this repeated design has deterred more buyers. It’s an easy fix however, painting an island or cabinets a shade of gray or navy blue can bring back some color.

Minimal Counter Space. A big kitchen with flashy appliances used to dazzle house hunters. Given the increased amount of time at home due to the pandemic, buyers are more focused on the practicality of a home’s layout rather than design. If a kitchen and dishwasher are against one wall, a range or oven on another, and a refrigerator taking up another portion, where does food prep happen? Buyers can prefer countertop on both sides of a stove because it increases the amount of space to work with.

Subway Tiles. Another essential to the white kitchen design, subway tiles have been getting a bit stale with buyers. More decorative tiles add interest to a kitchen that can win over buyers. It’s not always about doing the same old thing everyone else is doing.

Too Many Details. A highly stylized kitchen could take a lot more money and effort to convert to a new design. Sleeker and minimalistic cabinetry contributes to a modern and simple look. It eliminates handles and crown molding which could attract more potential buyers. Sellers are finding ways to tone down their styles and eliminate personalized details.

Source: Apartment Therapy

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