Simple Solutions for Small Appliances

Your family depends on the appliances in your kitchen. You have a few small appliances in your home that you want to keep in good working order. Here’s a quick list of small kitchen solutions for small kitchen appliances to make cooking and cleaning more convenient.

Microwave Presets to Save Energy 

 Did you know that using the pre-set cooking times on the touchpad can help your microwave work more efficiently and save energy? It can also help you avoid cooking accidents. Use the pre-set times when thawing foods, too.

Order Matters in the Blender

One of the most important tips to keep in mind with any blender is the order of the ingredients you’re adding. Go from lightest to heaviest. That mean you should ALWAYS start with liquid and make sure it covers the blades.

Cover Up the Stand Mixer 

To prevent unwanted dust from getting into your Stand Mixer and into your food, keep it covered by attaching a shower cap around it.

Know your Slow Cooker’s Limits

The high setting is for when you just want to heat things up,  If you want vegetables to stay whole, don’t put them in the slow cooker on high for 12 hours unless they’re hard-shelled, like squashes. Delicate vegetables like zucchini or peppers will melt into nothing. When you’re slow cooking vegetables, put the slow cooker on a delayed start for about three to four hours and keep it set to low. 

Clean your Coffee Pot

The coffee pot, itself, should be cleaned regularly. Cleaning it every two weeks will keep old coffee and grounds that are stuck in the pot from imparting your brews with unwanted flavors. 

Wipe the Outside Of the Rice Cooker’s Pot

A common mistake some people have is placing the pot of uncooked rice into the cooker with the outside of the pot being wet. Not only could it damage the rice cooker’s heating elements, it also affects the cooking temperature of the rice. So give it a quick wipe on the outside first before you put the rice in.

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