Space Saving Places To Put Your Microwave

If there’s one kitchen appliance every home needs it’s a microwave but it’s one bulky appliance with a large footprint.  

The typical location for a microwave oven is on the countertop, where it takes up so much precious counter space.  The second most common location is above the stove which is a popular option for smaller kitchens. The Over the Range microwave (OTR microwave) doubles as a vent hood. 

Here are some great  OTR microwave options to choose from.

1. 24″ Over The Range Microwave Oven in Black/Stainless Steel 

2. 30″ Stainless Steel Over the Range Microwave Oven 

We know you want your microwave and you want your space too!? So here are six smart ways to get it off the countertop and out of the way.

Under The Countertop 

Stash the microwave on a lower shelf or in a cabinet shelf of an island, or in a specially-built cupboard nook. This has become a popular option in many kitchens lately. Just be aware of placing the microwave too low, which can become a nuisance if you use the microwave a lot. If you have curious small children, you want to make sure that the microwave is out of reach.

Cosmo COS-BIM22SSB Built-in Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor, Touch Presets, 1200W & 2.2 cu. ft. Capacity, 24 inch, Stainless Steel

  • 1200 WATTS OF POWER: With 10 power levels, cook meals with precise control and delicious results 

  • CONVENIENT TOUCH PRESETS: Pre-programmed buttons for popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen veggies, beverages, and dinner plates 

  • SMART SENSOR: Smart sensor cooking measures when food is hot 

  • BUILD INTO CABINETRY: Incorporate the microwave into your kitchen cabinets using our Trim Kit (Part # COS-30BIMTK, purchased separately)

  •  DIMENSIONS: Exterior dimensions (WxDxH): 24. 4 x 13. 6 x 19. 6 in; Turntable diameter: 16. 5 in.

Over the Wall Oven. 

You can also install a microwave in the wall, like an oven. If you have a wall oven, then the ideal microwave placement is above it. Installing your microwave oven in the wall means you’re not giving up any cabinet, island, or counter space. Plus, you’ll be able to install a slightly larger microwave because walls can bear more weight.

On an Upper Shelf 

If you can make do with a smaller microwave, then you can tuck it onto a shelf as part of your upper cabinets. Depending on the model you choose you may find that you need the shelf the microwave sits on to protrude out a little further than your upper cabinets, and you’ll want to plan ahead so that your electrician puts the required outlet on the wall in the space where the microwave will live.

In A Drawer 

This is a twist on the under-countertop option, but with a drawer microwave. This is installed under the counter and slides open like a drawer. This is one of the more space-efficient options especially for very small kitchens.

Recess into a Wall

Depending on the kitchen floor plan, you may be able to recess the microwave into a space taken from a closet or garage. Before cutting into a wall, ask a builder or remodeler to check the structure of the wall and add reinforcement if necessary.

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