Spring Cleaning 101: 5 Tips for Quick Pantry Organization

Circumstances may have you feeling overwhelmed with a lot of cans and dry goods you wouldn’t normally be dealing with all at once. Conquer your clutter with these five easy tips from Cosmo Appliances to help organize your pantry.

Utilize the Door

The backs of your pantry doors may all be dead space. If you’ve got a gap between door and shelving, consider hanging a wire rack with smaller items that otherwise get easily lost or shuffled to the back.

Stack Food Containers

If you can never find the matching lids to your Tupperware, this one’s for you! Take five minutes to organize your storage containers by size on the shelf, then make a vertical rack to store the matching lids.  (Have a lid for a container that’s MIA? you have our permission to repurpose it or get rid of it. We won’t tell anyone.)

Sort by Category

Keeping shelves to a theme can help you find things faster. Group your granola bars, and stash your salty snacks together so they’re easy to find when you have a craving

Cycle your shelves

As you’re buying new boxed goods, take the extra second as you’re putting away groceries to pull the oldest boxes forward, and put the new box behind them. That way you’re not left with expired food.

Hang it up

If you have wire shelving in your pantry, you can use hooks and chip clips to hang up small items and lightweight bagged goods, freeing up shelf space, and, as a bonus, keeping you from accidentally crushing your chips.

We hope these tips help you keep your pantry feeling fresh! 

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