Step Inside Our Factory

In-house European inspired design, top of the line parts, and expert manufacturing.

We believe in creating premium appliances, providing exceptional customer service, and delivering a luxury experience at a revolutionary price point. Step inside our factory and learn more about how Cosmo products are made.

Cosmo appliances are made in a modern 390,000 square foot factory base that is home to 800+ staff members. Cutting edge automation works hand-in-hand with expert engineers and technicians that operate numerous advanced machinery like laser welding and steel pressing machines.

Each team member goes through rigorous training in order to be in compliance with our high standard in quality and safety. Every step in our production process has clear-cut standards. At the end of production each Cosmo product enters a thorough quality control inspection before receiving approval for shipment. Some of our tests include product durability, thermal performance, gas performance, noise level readings, and more.

Expect cooking, cooling, and cleaning experiences that makes life easer and brightens up your home. With modern technology and beautiful design, Cosmo appliances supports what is really important: A home that you love to come home to, feel safe in, and a place you can make timeless memories in.

Designed in California and made with precision and care.

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