The Power of ARC-FLOW Permanent Filters

While shopping for range hoods, you may be wondering what the difference is between the various filter options on the market. You may come across aluminum mesh filters, which are cheaper and more lightweight compared to baffle stainless steel permanent filters. However, aluminum mesh filters lose efficiency when it comes to filtration and are not as durable over time. At Cosmo, we utilize ARC-FLOW permanent stainless steel filters for select range hood models. With Cosmo’s ARC-FLOW filters, you are guaranteed an unlimited number of uses–they are dishwasher-safe, so there’s no need to throw these filters out or replace them. You can keep them as long as you need, saving you time and money along the way! 

Cosmo ARC-FLOW permanent filters are constructed of high quality stainless steel to effectively capture grease and cooking odors while keeping air clean. Here’s how:

Quickly Neutralizes Odors

With efficient airflow, these filters ensure you can cook with no harmful smells and odors left lingering in your kitchen.

Clears the Air of Toxins and Airborne Viruses

According to the National Institutes of Health, exposure to cooking-related contaminants is associated with a significant increase in pulmonary effects and symptoms of respiratory diseases.

Traps Grease from Forming and Blocking Air Flow

Easy-to-clean filters wipe away grease build up to reduce the risk of fires. Recent studies show that dirty range hoods resulted in increased fires when not properly maintained.

Looking to see how these filters work in action? Check out our Range Hoods here.

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