Tips for Blending the Perfect Margarita

Blending a margarita to the correct balance of frozen and slushy brings an utterly refreshing drink. However, a poorly mixed one can be a runny mess. Here’s some of the steps you can take to ensure a delicious margarita every time.

  1. The order you place your cocktail ingredients in a blender makes a difference in taste and texture. Begin by adding all the liquids first such as liquors, juice and mixers. Follow this up with the ice and fruit, if you’re using it.
  2. Do your blender and drink a favor by using crushed or cracked ice instead of large cubes. The crushed ice will incorporate into the margarita faster without melting.
  3. When blending, start with a low speed then gradually build speed as needed. Be careful to not blend for too long as this will make the drink too thin.

Be sure to drink responsibly and send us your cocktail masterpieces on Facebook and Instagram.

Sources: The Kitchnn

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